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Improve Your Lawn with Core Aeration
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Grass plug from lawn core aeration

Improve Your Lawn with Core Aeration

A Summer blog post

One of the single best things you can do to improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn is core aeration. This is the process by which small soil plugs, typically 3-6 inches long, are removed from your lawn by the use of a machine called a core aerator.

The main benefit of performing this procedure is to alleviate soil compaction, a common problem due to the high clay content of our regional native soil.

Soil compaction is a major cause of turf decline because it impedes turf root growth and development. This results in lawn thinning and deterioration and the promotion of weed growth.

Core aeration will improve the health and appearance of your lawn by:

  1. Improving turf root growth and development.
  2. Increasing soil microbial activity to help decompose thatch.
  3. Increasing water, nutrient and oxygen availability to the turf roots to give it a competitive advantage over weeds.

Late summer and early fall is an excellent time of year to aerate your lawn. Take advantage of the turf’s natural shift of its resources from top growth to root growth, during this season.

To schedule a consultation on core aeration please contact us.

A healthy lawn starts with a healthy root system. Seeding and fertilization can also be done in conjunction with core aeration.

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